Mack Tidwell Broken Pinkies 6 Brush Set


These Mack/Tidwell Broken Pinkies is the closest thing to real sable hair without having to pay the steep sable price. The synthetic sable is unusual in the fact, that it absorbs paint like natural hair. More importantly, it flows out of the brush in a controlled manner. This brush can be used with enamel, urethane and water based paint.

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

MULLET – Long bristles, 1/4 flat that is Great for lettering, filling, etc…
SCRUBBY – Short bristles, 1/4 flat blender and all around useful brush.
SCRIPTY – Long bristles, square lettering brush with a million uses.
PICK UP LINE – Long sharp bristles, this is an Amazing outliner.
POINTY – Super fine detail brush and outliner… Used for everything.
STUBBY – This is basically a #2 round with infinite uses.

The bristles vary depending on the brush size and configuration. The smaller brushes are made of a softer, fine quality synthetic. The large flat and the long outliner are made with golden synthetic. Also they are FLORESCENT PINK!

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