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Acrilex Cold Porcelain

Cold porcelain is an inexpensive, non-toxic, easy-to-work-with material. Its main components are cornstarch and white glue, but can also include small amounts of oils and glycerol, which creates a porcelain-like, smooth texture.

Impact resistant when dry. The porcelain paste is a paste recognised by many biscuit artists. Malleable and flexible for use, does not stick to fingers, or to the moulds or machine rollers. Due to its flexibility, it is ideal for children  from 3 years and above, adults and elderly persons.

It has a matte finish with a porcelain look. Can be sanded, painted and enamelled after drying. Until dry, it remains very flexible. 

Wait for it to dry and you will be able to paint your creation with pigmented ink, acrylic paint or paint to create new colours.

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  • Slightly flavoured
  • Low retraction
  • Soft
  • It doesn’t crack
  • After drying, the dough may vary in size
  • Non-toxic
  • Inedible product


  • Can be dyed with Fabric Paint or after drying can be painted with PVA Matte Paint for Crafts or Acrylic paints
  • Once opened, wrap the dough in plastic wrap, try to seal it without any air in the plastic bag
  • Store in a plastic bag, keep closed to avoid drying out
  • To better preserve the shaped pieces after drying, apply a layer of varnish

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