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fabric paint

Fabric Paints – What Not to Do as a Beginner + Go-to Supplies for You

Fabric painting is exactly how it sounds, painting on fabrics! The best thing about painting on fabrics is the endless designs and patterns you can pull off, just like painting on canvas. As a beginner, these are some of the basic tools you need to draw/paint on fabric ... Read More

Get Your Kids Excited About Learning Again with these three Tips!

If you are reading this, it means you have an interest in engaging your kids better. We might not have the ultimate solution to their short attention span when it comes to school work, but we can assure you that these tips will aid their creativity, and yours too! ... Read More
Hardcore and MTN 94

To Go Hardcore or Stick with MTN 94? Here’s their Differences

Ever Wondered the Difference between the MTN 94 and Hardcore Spray Paint? Virtually every day we receive orders for spray paints, and the most common question we are asked is “what is the difference between the MTN 94 and the Hardcore spray paints?” We decided to talk about this today ... Read More
Welcome to Artzmania NG Blog!

Welcome to Artzmania NG Blog!

Artzmania NG is Nigeria’s foremost Artz & Craftz supplies store. We are passionate about fine art materials and the best craft items that help you unlock your creativity quickly. We stock a vast range, catering to the unique needs of every artist ... Read More

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