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Acrilex Glass Enamel 37ml

The glass enamel comprises both enamel and varnish and is used for decoration or painting glasses. It gives a transparent and brilliant finish and has excellent coverage

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  • All colours can be mixed together (comes 2 in 1. Enamel and Varnish)
  • For decorative effects
  • Ready to use
  • Works great on glass and porcelain


  • Apply with short soft bristles or round shape brushes, spreading or dripping it on already cleaned and not greased materials.
  • Total drying time: 24 hours


  • Diluents: Solvent or Thinner Acrilex
  • They are self-leveling. The Glass Varnish has a transparent and brilliant finishing. The Glass Enamel presents an opaque and brilliant finishing. Giving optimum coverage.
  • Indicated for glass, porcelain and faience. It can imitate a stained glass effect when used with outline relief paste.
  • For decorative effects.


  • Excellent to paint metal, wood, paperboard and plaster
  • The Glass Varnish can be used as an excellent finishing varnish