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Décopatch Paperpatch Glue


Décopatch Paperpatch Glue Varnish is an exceptionally versatile glue, designed to work perfectly with paper and other embellishments. The glossy glue will leave your designs with a lustrous finish.

Décopatch Glossy glue is specially formulated with varnish and does not cause the paper to ‘pull in’ or ‘crinkle’ when drying. The glue can be applied to most surfaces including paper, card, wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, shell and ceramic.

It’s non-toxic and washable, so is suitable for use by adults and children over 3 years.

A great addition to your découpage craft box.

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  • 300g and 180g
  • Glossy, lustrous sheen finish
  • Can be applied to most surfaces
  • Will not tear or wrinkle paper
  • Creates a non-sticky, waterproof film
  • Non-toxic and washable