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Galaxy Glitters 2oz



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Galaxy Glitters 2oz


Galaxy Glitter is a brush-on glitter acrylic paint that adds shimmer and shine to craft projects and home décor accents.

Specially formulated with the ideal combination of various sizes and colors of glitter, projects will burst with intense and bold flare.

See below for more Product and Usage information.

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For solid coverage, apply Galaxy Glitter with a fan brush. Allow to dry and apply a second coat. For fine details or line-work use a liner brush to apply Galaxy Glitters.

Galaxy Glitters are inter-mixable. Create soft, glittery pastel colors by mixing the color of your choice with Clear Ice Comet. Start with a ratio of 4 parts Clear Ice Comet and 1 part of the color of your choice. Customize to your desired finish.

–Do not use on washable fabrics.