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Primo Blackboard Paint 250ml


Blackboard paint can be so useful in being crafty: you can paint an entire wall of your bedroom and draw your kitty on it or you can paint a kitchen corner: for your favourite recipes or to do list to buy. You can even apply it on wood or cardboard and make your own blackboard. The possibilities are endless!

Great for kids also!

See below for more Product and Usage information 


  • Highly pigmented matt paint
  • High covering capacity, for reproducing the traditional blackboard effect
  • Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Black
  • It adheres to any type of surfaces (wood, metal, concrete, clay, plastic, cardboard etc.)


  • It can be easily applied with a roller, foam or brush, taking care to make the surface where it is applied uniform
  • Successive paint washes are possible and drying times depend on the type of surface where it is applied (6-12 hours to dry, blackboard effect is achieved after 48 hours)
  • By mixing the colours together new intermediate tones can be obtained
  • Once dry it becomes permanent
  • Average coverage: 8-10m2/l depending on the surface
  • Stains should be removed immediately from textiles with water and soap before the paint dries.

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