Primo Water-Soluble Wax Crayons


Water-soluble wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, in PP box, 10 colours.

It looks like a wax crayon but it is a lot more! We created this sheath so you can easily grab it. Leave a mark on a sheet of paper and look how bright and dense it is. But this is not all: if you add some water your mark will become transparent and delicate and you will be able to add perspective to your drawings.

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  • Water-soluble wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, in a plastic box with a plastic knife, in a range of 10 colours.
  • This waxes, beeswax and pigments-based product is very intense and has a good coverage. Thanks to the plastic sheath, it is easy to use.
  • It can be shaded with a humid cotton swab or with a wet brush to obtain transparent and delicate effects.
  • It can be applied on paper or cardboard, even better on rough paper, on canvas and on compact textiles such as cotton.
  • Stains should be washed off with water and soap.