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SANO Junior Chefs Kit


This edition of SANO Junior Chefs Kit takes you to South West Nigeria, and it explores one of the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria – The Yoruba Tribe.

This edition’s kit includes;

  • 3 Recipe Cards (Stir-fry Chicken Noodles, Omí Obè & Chocolate Chip Cookie)
  • Challenge Recipe Card
  • 3 African History Cards (Flag Man, Myths & Legends or Yoruba Land and Lioness of Lisabi)
  • Kitchen tool of the Month (Wooden Spatula)
  • Chef Sano’s Iron-on Achievement Badge
  • Complete Grocery and Kitchen Tools List
  • 3 Handy Kitchen Tips
  • 1 SANO Kids Apron
  • 1 SANO Backpack
  • Coupon Code to Access extra activities on the website

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SANO Junior Chefs Club aims to create curiosity and excitement in the minds of kids about cooking, while impacting knowledge of our rich African history and culture.

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