Acrilex Soft Modeling Dough

This Starch based dough is super soft, very malleable and can be shaped into different sizes.

The exciting colours will keep the kids engaged and the tutti fruity smell is reminder of its non-t0xicity.

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  • Starch based
  • Super soft
  • Tutti-frutti smell
  • Live and brilliant colours

Description :

  • 12 colors
  • It was developed for school or entertainment use
  • Ideal for motor coordination development and shape perception activities
  • It is also great for those who like to use their creativity in craft works such as sculptures, textures, etc
  • Does not dry or stain your hands. It is not oily and retains its flexibility for much longer, making it easier to model and mix colours;
  • Starch-based, non-toxic, super soft, with tutti-frutti aroma and bright and bright colours, arouses children’s interest for creative activities
  • Composition: Water, Cereal Carbohydrate, Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Preservative, Aroma, Additives and Pigments.