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ArtzmaniaNG Chat With Dhoro Styles

street style, graffitti artist
Dhoro Style
We are excited to share with you our Artzmanian column where we spotlight Nigerian artists and their amazing works.

Our first feature goes to Peter King Ubiebor popularly known as Dhoro Styles.

With inspirations from contemporary urban cultures, street arts, Chicago muralists, tramp art and graffiti arts from the 80s and 90s, Dhoro has a strong focus on drawings, paintings, graffiti writings, and murals with spray paints and paintbrush techniques. 
His leitmotif is to bring colours to places, indoors or outdoors and stand up against gloom.
ArtzmaniaNG: We heard you never had a background in arts, but in science while growing up and in school too, why did you leave science behind to do arts? 
Dhoro Styles: Art has always been about passion to me, so it wasn't really about leaving anything for something but was about "me doing me''
ArtzmaniaNG: You always refer to yourself as a battle artist. What does this mean?

Dhoro Styles:  Battle art is another way and fun in the graffiti culture to art jam. Basically designed solely for fun, and it sure does help to inspire, motivate and encourage members to grow &  better themselves as artists.ving anything for something but was about "me doing me''

ArtzmaniaNG: Street art is a lot more popular now because of the relevance you and other artists have acquired. How did you break-in, and become one of the best?

Dhoro Styles: I never thought of myself as one of the best though, but self-belief/development, persistence and consistency keep my ship sailing.

ArtzmaniaNG: Could you share your experience with one of the most challenging street art you have had to create?

Dhoro Styles: One of the most challenging art I’ve ever had to create was alongside one of my graffiti crewmates “UPRIZN” sometime in 2015, under the Egbeda Bridge, Lagos. The process of getting it done was a struggle because we had to run up and down the sloppy hill approximately 7 metres, just to spray paint graffiti throw-ups of our names ”UPRIZN STYLES” including graffiti writings of “KEEP LAGOS CLEAN” aligned with the tag name of different areas in Lagos. There was no step to climb on the sloppy sandy based floor, so it was just sand breaking down due to us stepping on it, so we had to keep running back & forth, for hours to make some line and finish it up.

ArtzmaniaNG: Word has it that you don't give sketches of what you will do on a project, how do you get jobs done without it?

Dhoro Styles:   I do present sample illustration sketches to clients before project commencement but on the other hand, I do get to a ''higher form'' unlocked, when a client gives the free will to just hit and exhibit a project without W.I.P of sketch illustrations.
Dhoro Style is on Instagram
Interview conducted and edited by ArtzmaniaNG 
Photo Credits: Dhoro Styles