Acquerello Fine Watercolour


Fine watercolour in aluminium tubes, 10 colours.
Delicacy and intensity of fine watercolour art in a special range of harmoniously measured tones: their realistic performance is a whole new world to discover.

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Fine watercolour in aluminium tubes, 10 colours. This is a highly pigmented water-based product, ready to use, of the finest quality.

It can be diluted and washed, and once dry can be wetted again. Very transparent and intense, suitable for the classic technique of watercolor painting, it is addressed to both experts and beginners.

The harmoniously studied range of eight colours with black and white included allows for the reproduction of reality in its endless nuances. This product will therefore satisfy expert artists but will also support beginners in the process of calibrating different tones.

The paint should be diluted with water directly on the palette and used within the day. Once it dries colours remain bright, luminous and translucent.