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Acrilex Metal Colors

From 1,700

Ideal for handcraft works. Can be applied on wood, ceramics, plaster, styrofoam, leather, cork, paper and cardboard. It may also be applied on glass and PET prepared with Primer Acrilex.

Metal Colors give off that shimmery and lustrous effect. It dries very rapidly and has good coverage even with one brush stroke. If you are a fan of exceptionally shiny finishes, we recommend exploring using just the metal colours for some of your art expressions or using it alongside acrylic paints

See below for more Product and Usage information


  • Metallic finish (Colours shown are not 100% accurate)
  • Ready to use


  • Can be applied with brush or sponge on surfaces or on surfaces previously prepared with Handcraft Primer Base, Gum Varnish or a Sealer Base


  • Ideal for work on paper, paperboard, cardboard, styrofoam, etc. and also to wood, plaster and ceramics handcraft.

QUALITIES: Lightfast, Opaque, excellent coverage, smooth and uniform paint film that leaves no traces of brush stroke.

DILUENT: Water, Acrylic medium or blending gel

SURFACES: Wood, clay, wall, paper, cardboard, styrofoam, ceramic, plastic, metal among others.

SIZES: 37ml and 60ml

APPLICATION: Apply with a fitting brush, sponge, foam brush on preferred surface