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Acrilex Modeling Paste 250ml


Modeling paste is a thick, white paste that is primarily used to add texture and relief to paintings. Due to its thickness and heaviness, it is best applied with a painting knife or butter knife,  Modelling paste is often left to dry and then painted over, but you can also mix it with your acrylic paints to make them thicker. 

Once applied on the surface, wait for it to dry before painting.

See below for more Product and Usage information 


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  • After drying, presents excellent durability and flexibility
  • Opaque finish
  • Water-soluble


  • Do not apply very thick layers at a time, or try to use other methods to speed up the drying process, since such procedures can cause tears and cracking
  • Complete drying in 72 hours


  • Ideal to create relieves, textures and to make applications of different objects and materials on handcraft canvas and articles, as wood, ceramic, plaster and paperboard.