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AlphaFlex Leather & Textile Paint

From 5,200

Alpha 6 has formulated a new AlphaFlex, flexible textile and leather paint. Water based, it is More durable, flexible, high pigment, greater opacity, Smooth flowing, adheres securely and is UV and acid rain resistant! and longer lasting than any other paint.

The NEW AlphaFlex, flexible leather and textile paint!!!

AlphaFlex is made with shoe and clothing customisers in mind.  It’s flexibility allows it to be worn for many years without cracking.  It’s intense colors are super opaque and coverage is far superior to that of any comparable paint on the market today!  It has a fast dry time and is perfect for use on any project including leather, canvas, textiles, glass, wood, acetate and vinyl.

Currently available in 48 bright, long lasting colors.