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MTN PRO Canvas Varnish


MTN PRO canvas spray varnish is used as a final coat to protect oil and acrylic paints against humidity, grease, dust and contamination.

This allows the work to maintain its properties without yellowing or cracking. The spray dries very fast through evaporation and protects your art projects. It protects your graffiti art, fine art, and collectibles from smudges, dirt & dust, and some light damage extending the life of your work for years to come.

See below for more Product and Usage information 


Transparent varnish formulated with an acrylic-resin base and UV protection that is easy to apply. Available in different finishes: gloss, matt and satin.


  • 400ml
  • Cap System – Soft Cap
  • Colour – Transparent
  • Good hardening
  • Non-yellowing
  • Resistance to UV light
  • Good durability
  • Easy to apply and repaint
  • Good leveling
  • Good elasticity


Varnish for finishing coats on canvases painted with acrylic and oil paints. May also be applied to other types of materials to give them a protective coat.

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 cm

– Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer.(For satin and matt finishes)

– Apply to clean and dry surfaces. Apply to totally dry colors in thin coats at a distance of 15-20cm. To obtain a good quality finish, it is always best to apply three thin coats than one thick coat

– On old and/or deteriorated artworks, do a prior cleaning and restoration of the surface and then proceed with the varnish coat. Oil paints should be dry before varnishing. Some oil paints can take months (even a year), depending on the thickness of the coat applied, until they are totally dry. We recommend doing a test on a small area and/or following the manufacturer’s instructions

– To clean nozzles, place the clogged nozzle on the solvent valve and press down to try to unclog

– Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas.


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