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Caps – Packs


Browse through our selection of cap packs and create that perfect look! We have different sizes and effects available.

See below for descriptions of the different packs available 

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Thin Caps

Super Skinny Cap – This is a fine skinny cap that sprays fine lines that are 2cm – 0.78in. Perfect for fine fadings, outline work and cut-offs. It produces the thinnest lines out of any cap. The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance

Skinny Pro Cap – The Skinny Pro cap produces a smooth fine line great for detail work. Fine lines that are 1.8cm – 0.7in. For use with the majority of paint brands such as Montana Hardcore, Montana Speed, Montana 94, Montana Gold, Montana Black, Montana Alien

Skinny Cream Cap-The MTN Skinny Cream Cap is a specially designed diffuser to have the finest and cleanest lines with MTN 94 and Hardcore. The Skinny Cream Cap is bound to quickly become a fundamental tool thanks to its ease of use and precision. Fits with most MTN Spray Paint Lines, Skinny Cream Cap Thin Line 0.62 in / 1.6 cm (min 1.1 cm).

Pocket Cap – The pocket cap produces fine lines that are 2,5cm – 0.98in, a bit fuzzy, but very opaque. Great for an old school look or for projects around the house. It is also known as the standard cap or original cap


Medium Caps

Soft Cap – The soft cap is awesome for blending and fading, allowing you to layer on light coats and build up as needed. Produces a medium sized, very soft feathered like line. Produces medium fat lines that are 3.6cm – 1.4in

Hardcore Medium Cap – The Hardcore Medium Cap is a great mid range cap. It produces medium lines that are 6cm – 2.3in, depending on the distance from the surface. This cap is often used for thick outlines and filling in the desired surface solidly and opaquely.

Universal Yellow Cap – This cap produces thin opaque lines, medium lines that are 3cm – 1.18in. Recommended for low-pressure cans such as MTN 94, Water Based or Alien. Great for outlines and small details. This cap fits with most MTN Spray Paint Lines

The Hardcore Cap – Hardcore cap produces medium lines that are 3.2cm – 1.25in. This cap can stock on all Hardcore cans, and has become very popular due to its accuracy and dependability. It is great for outlines and detail work


Fat Caps

Astro Fat Cap – The astro fat cap produces lines that are 3.5 inches wide. The Astro Fat is great for jobs that require to paint large surfaces. Great for solid and quick filling, as well as flares. The widest spraying cap on the market! Great for flares and filling in fast, even with low pressure cans.

Fat Pink Cap-The Pink dot comes stock on a number of MTN Cans. It produces a line that is anywhere from .5-2 inches wide depending on the pressure of the can being used. When It is placed on a high pressure can its great for flares and filling of large surface areas quickly. On Low pressure cans such as the Water based it is great for producing solid opaque lines.

NY Fat Cap-. The NY Fat cap is versatile in its uses as either a fat cap or mid line outline cap. Great for flares on a high pressure can, or even detail work on a lower pressure can, this is the go to for all around usage. Depending on the can pressure line width varies from 1 inch to 2 inches.

Pocket Fat Cap-The Pocket cap is kind of like the original MTN cap but wider! It produces a medium/thick line about 1.6in that’s a bit fuzzy, but very opaque.

Hardcore Fat Cap – It produces very fat lines that are 12,5cm – 4,9in, and can easily be flared if desired. This cap is ideal for fast jobs and filling in large surface areas. It has a lot of control even on a high pressure. It can be super fat with the nice clean snowball look or they can be skinny if you press lightly. Great for street work too

Super Fat Cap– The Super Fat is our second fattest cap. It produces lines that are 2.5-3 inches wide. This cap, is well known for its flares and fast filling. When painting a large surface area this is a great cap to use.


Specialty Caps

Transfer Cap – This is a Paint extractor, the Transfer Cap lets you spray paint from the can onto a pallet so that a paintbrush can be used. When not used in this manner it is very similar to the Needle cap and produces a line that is 2,5cm –  0.98in and can shoot higher than regular caps.

Transversal Cap – The transversal cap is good for writing calligraphy as well as filling in large pieces. It creates an even coat of paint for fill-ins and also works well if painting 3D objects. This cap is best used with low-pressure cans, use the transversal fat cap with high-pressure cans for better control. Sprays 2,5cm – 0.98in

Needle Cap – The needle cap sprays a line that is 4,5cm – 1.77in. The needle cap is great for reaching higher than other caps, and is great for those that appreciate functionality over cleanliness. When the situation calls for a more saturated spray this cap is the perfect solution. It is great to use when spraying from a distance.

Transversal Fat Cap -This cap is performing just like a chisel tip marker, allowing both skinny and wide lines, depending on the orientation of the can. The wide line can reach up to 7 inches. Ideal for calligraphy but also exceptionally reliable for filling large surfaces.


Fits with most MTN Spray Paint Lines




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