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Crystal Art Shimmer Sealer 150ml


What better way to complete your finished Crystal Art project than to cover it in a protective sealer!

Our sealer offers an additional layer of protection to your finished project. This reduces any crystals being lost if your project is knocked or handled frequently, useful if you are displaying them at an exhibition or craft fair. It also gives an even finish to avoid dust deposits and reduces any moisture being absorbed if you wish to use them in a bathroom or similar.

It can be used on all Crystals art projects from keyrings and pouches to the largest sparkliest canvas.

What is Crystal Art Shimmer Sealer?

Crystal Art Shimmer Sealer is a transparent elastic glossy adhesive which is perfect for all your crystal art projects or creating a shimmery coating on any finished project.


Dispense a small amount of the sealer into a pot, add a drop of water to dilute. Take a thin brush, paint lightly over your finished crystal art project, ensure you only do a thin layer and make sure the sealer goes around the bottom edge of the crystals. Wipe/dab any excess off with a baby wipe and allow to dry for at least 6 hours, dries with an added extra shimmer.


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