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Deli Glitter Glue Set


The Deli Glitter glue is a premixed blend of adhesive and glitter. It comes in a pack of six exciting and shimmering colours including gold and silver. This sparkling combination helps to limit the mess caused by sprinkling loose glitter onto glue applications, along with creating a better seal and reducing material waste.

With an exclusive applicator tip to facilitate painting, it stimulates artistic development and can be used to make collages, decorate and paint on paper and cardboard.

The glitter glue has multiple purposes and is suitable for decorating a variety of craft materials, including Easter eggs, paper designs, and other craft items that require the use of a glue. Its gel is solvent-free and dries according to the ambient temperature.


  • It is safe for kids and developed for handmade schoolwork
  • Fast, permanent, transparent, adjustable
  • Can be used for kids crafts activities
  • Ideal for DIY
  • Decorative and Effective

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