Deli Magic Tack


The Deli Magic Tack is suitable for fixing posters, decorations, small electronic devices, cables and much more on diverse surfaces. It ensures both the temporary and permanent adhering of small objects on wood, cement, glass, metal, plastic and porcelain without denting the surface.

The adhesive is removable and reusable and can be used for quick bonding in three quick steps. Stick, position and seal!

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Usage: Tear off one piece of Magic Tack, remove one liner and apply to surface, remove the other liner, use thumb to press and apply to the other surface.

Personal safety: Keep away from children, danger of confusion with chewing gum.

Surface requirements: The areas to be glued must be dry and free of any dust or grease. Do not use it on absorbent wall coverings, damp, dusty, fibrous, unstable surfaces, and do not use it above the setting weight capacity.

Storage Conditions: Product should be stored in a dry, cool and frost free place.