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Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns are great for DIY projects,  quick repairs, crafts and other creative expressions!

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APPLICATION:Load the glue gun with one of the glue sticks included, plug into an electric socket and turn the power on to begin heating your glue gun. After about five minutes, your new tool will be ready to use! Double check by gently squeezing the trigger on the gun to see if the hot glue starts to flow from the nozzle, if this doesn’t happen allow more time for the gun to heat up.


  • Ideal For: Metal, Wood, Glass, Card, Fabric, Plastic, & Ceramics
  • Integral stand to keep gun stable and upright
  • Fast to heat up, sturdy and simple to use.


1 x Small size Hot Melt Glue Gun

2 x Hot Glue Stick