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MTN Empty Dabber


The Street Dabber 30ml & 90ml empty dabber can be filled with any type of ink or paint and used on all types of surfaces. You can also fill it with your own homemade inks. It has a high-quality 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch nib and a body that is very durable.

The tips and valve system components are totally compatible with the Montana Colours Water Based & Street Paint range as well as the Street Ink range.

See below for more Product and Usage information


  • Open upper part of the marker and fill with ink; Please note ink should be fluid.
  • Close markers soon after use to avoid drying of the tip
  • To preserve tips longer, Wash tips right after use before storing. Tip can be removed by opening the top.
  • If tip is already dry, Pour about one cup of warm water into a bowl and soak tips into the water before reusing. Or you can dip the tip-down in water (This works for water based markers)