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MTN Erasable Pro Chalk Paint Markers

From 2,800

From 2,800

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MTN Erasable Pro Chalk Paint Markers

From 2,800

MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Markers are specially designed for temporary decorations (restaurant blackboard, sporting events, children’s designs, etc.) or any other situation in which paint is desired with easy subsequent removal.

To clean the paint, it is only necessary to rub with a damp cloth or water under pressure. They are available in 5mm, these sizes are determined by the size of their tips.

See below for more Product and Usage information

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Non-permanent liquid chalk that can be erased with a damp cloth, perfect for writing on chalkboards, windows or for signage on any type non-porous surface such as glass or plastic. Available in 5 mm tip.


  • Very fast drying
  • Excellent levelling
  • Easy to apply. Smooth flow
  • Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals
  • Excellent covering power
  • Cleanable / erasable with water
  • Available in 5 mm (M) tip


This product is suitable for use on all types of non-porous surfaces (perform a test prior to use).

May be used both indoors and outdoors. Erasable with a damp cloth. Compatible with MTN Erasable Chalk Paint, MTN Magnetic Chalkboard Paint and MTN Chalkboard Paint.

  • For temporary decoration
  • For cinematographic and children’s decoration
  • Restaurant chalkboards
  • Sports events


Additional information

Dimensions 13.5 × 1.4 cm

– Shake well before use

– Pump the paint by gently and repeatedly pressing the felt tip into the valve until it becomes soaked in colour

– May be applied to chalkboards, glass and plastic. On painted chalkboards it may not be completely erasable

– Once opened, make sure the container is closed tightly