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Primo Modelling air-dry Clay

From 2,800

Want to feel like a real sculptor? This clay is for you! Let your imagination go free and create tee cups, vases, jewels and whatever your creativity tells you to. It can be modelled into all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Wait 24hours for it to dry and you will be able to paint your creation with poster or acrylic paints. Suitable for kids craft, beginners and experts.

See below for more Product and Usage information 


  • White air-dry modelling clay
  • Ready for use
  • It can be painted when dry, thus great for creating objects and figures
  • Does not need to be heated in the oven
  • It only contains elements of plant origin
  • Gluten free and dermatologically tested
  • Wetting your hands before using the clay is recommended and washing them properly with water and soap after use
  • Store unused clay in a plastic bag or airtight container
  • Available also in bags of 500g and 1000g or 1kg