MTN 94 Graphic Markers Set

MTN 94 Graphic Markers are dual tipped felt markers with a fine tip for drawing and a chisel tip for filling in colour or calligraphy. The colours are similar to a selection from the 94 spray paint colour range and thanks to their translucent alcohol-based ink, they may be combined in layers.

Packs are the most orderly and economical way to buy markers, and the MTN 94 Graphic Markers are no exception to the rule. There are three marker group options, divided into a set of 24 basics and greys, or a set of 24 basics and pastels. The 36 pack of solid colours includes black and a blender.

They are great for black-books and sketch pads, comic art projects, sticker art, canvas, Urban style art, illustration, college projects, and more.

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Graphic Markers are alcohol-based markers with two tips; one thin, round tip for drawing and one wide, chisel tip for filling or calligraphy. These markers are designed essentially for sketching on paper.


  • Dual tip: 7 mm chisel tip for filling or calligraphy and 0.5 mm thin tip for drawing
  • Very fast-drying
  • High quality
  • Alcohol-based ink
  • Translucent ink
  • Colours can be mixed with one another
  • Does not contain aromatic solvents
  • High weather resistance
  • Long-lasting colour
  • Good resistance to U.V
  • Colours coincide with the MTN 94 chart


This product is suitable for use on all types of porous surfaces although the best results are obtained on porous paper. For perfect performance we recommend the MTN Book (all formats)

Can be used both indoors and outdoors.