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MTN Empty Markers

From 5,800

You choose what fills your markers!

All MTN Marcador Markers formats are available as empty versions so you can fill them with the paint of your choice.

These Empty Markers are the key to your artist toolset giving you the ability to have multiple different paint or ink marker colors at once.  You can easily fill these paint markers with high-end MTN Street Paint or Street Ink refills or your own ink of your choosing! And the tips and valve system components are totally compatible with the Water Based paints.

The high-quality valve gives you excellent control over the flow of color and prevents spills and splashes. They are ideal for canvas work, sketches on paper, graffiti, a run in the studio or on walls and all other surfaces.

The markers come with a pump valve and has different tips. It’s pump action gives you control and allows for drips as needed in a fine sized line. Their tips are also replaceable so the useful life of these tools can be extended indefinitely. You won’t have to buy them again and you’ll generate less waste! Get your replaceable tips here

This range of refillable markers compliment the Dabbers

See below for more Product and Usage information


  • Open upper part of the marker and fill with ink; Please note ink should be fluid.
  • Close markers soon after use to avoid drying of the tip
  • To preserve tips longer, Wash tips right after use before storing. Tip can be removed by opening the top.
  • If tip is already dry, Pour about one cup of warm water into a bowl and soak tips into the water before reusing. Or you can dip the tip-down in water (This works for water based markers)