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MTN PRO Anti-Stain Spray Paint



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MTN PRO Anti-Stain Spray Paint


MTN PRO Anti-Stain Spray Paint is an acrylic paint made to cover stains on ceilings or walls.

This 500ml paint is formulated with high-quality acrylic resins, titanium dioxide, and additives. The result is a high coverage paint that is perfect for long-lasting, quick coverage of stains on walls.

Due to the characteristics of this product we recommend using it for final finishes or as a base coat for other paints.

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12 in stock

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Special matte finish acrylic base stain cover paint for indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Formulated to cover different types of stains such as nicotine, soot, damp, smoke and many others, Also suitable as a primer for absorbent surfaces.


  • Fast drying.
  • White matt.
  • Good adherence.
  • Good covering power.
  • Does not contain lead and other heavy metals.
  • Easy to apply and recoat.
  • High colour durability.
  • Non-yellowing.


Due to the characteristics of the product, we recommend its use for final finishing or as a background layer for other paintings.

  • DIY
  • Industrial applications
  • Handicrafts
  • Domestic