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MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Paint

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This fast-drying, high opacity, water-based, matte spray paint was developed for use for temporary markings on non-porous surfaces (construction, sporting events, film decoration, children’s games, temporary decorations, etc.) and situations in which a spray paint that can be easily removed is needed.

It is resistant to wear and does not leave overspray or turn walls/surfaces into a chalkboard. To remove the paint, rub with a damp cloth or pressurised water.

The 400ml format incorporates the revolutionary 360-degree valve design, making it comfortable to use and quick to apply.

See below for more Product and Usage information 


Alcohol based, fast drying, highly opaque, matte finish, water-soluble spray paint. Ideal for temporary applications.


  • 400ml
  • Fast drying
  • Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals
  • Removable with water
  • Excellent covering power
  • Low odour. (Smell of alcohol)
  • Easy to apply
  • Varnished
  • Once dry does not smudge
  • Outdoor applications may last between hours to weeks, depending on weather conditions. To prolong the longevity of this product, avoid contact with water or moisture. For greater durability, varnish may be applied
  • Removability or cleaning will depend on the porosity of the surface. Surfaces with low porosity will be easy to clean with water. Porous surfaces may be more difficult to clean, requiring water as well as scrubbing when a pressure washer is not available
  • Due to the variety of porous surfaces with varying textures, Montana Colours can’t guarantee that surfaces can be cleaned completely. We recommend doing a test on the same surface, prior to painting
  • Due to its environmentally friendly chemical nature, it is suitable for application on natural surfaces (plants, trees, grass, rocks…)
  • Water used to remove the product can be disposed of in drainage systems, and its filtration into the ground will not cause contamination.


Its quick and easy cleaning is much appreciated in temporary markings (such as construction, sports events, cinematographic decoration, guerrilla marketing, etc.) or any other situation where the versatility of spray paint and an easy removal is necessary.

‘Color Chalk’ provides an endless amount of advantages over standard chalks, and as for its removal you just need to moisten it with water.

  • Temporary marking
  • Signage
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Decoration
  • Industry
  • Suitable for urban and rural sports events signage

Due to its reduced odor and its very low hazard, solvent formula, we recommend its use indoors, as well as outdoors. The pigments used are highly lightfast and produce very vivid hues.

Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 cm

– Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer

– Apply to clean, dry surfaces

– For best results apply in thin layers. Three thin layers are always better than one thick one, and may be repainted within five minutes with the same paint

– The product’s coverage increases during drying

– Reverse the aerosol valve to purge after use, if the actuator gets blocked, replace it with a new one

– For indoor applications, we recommend covering nearby objects before using the product

– It is advisable to use a mask to avoid inhaling dust particles produced while spraying

– Leftover waste may be poured down the drain without causing
environmental harm

– Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas.


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