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Acrilex 3Dimensional Color 35ml



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Acrilex 3Dimensional Color 35ml


This 3D Glossy Dimensional Paint is very versatile, and can be applied on different materials, including fabrics. It is Wash-resistant and non-toxic.
Apply directly with the applicator tip on the surface in lines, points and graphics.
It can be applied on any type of porous and adherent material, such as cotton fabrics without starch, wood, paper, EVA, leather, ceramics, plaster, glass and cork.

See below for more Product and Usage information

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  • Can be applied on several surfaces, including fabric
  • Wash-resistant
  • Presented in 4 different finishing: Brilliant, Glitter and Metallic
  • Ready to use

How to use

  • Apply with the applicator tip
  • Drying time of 24 hours. For fabrics, wait 72 hours for washing.
  • Use on fabrics 100% cotton, they must be pre-washed and after painting, wait 72 hours for it to completely dry

Specific Use

  • Paint with relief effect
  • Can be applied on any porous or adherent surfaces as cotton fabric, wood, ceramic, plaster, paper, styrofoam, etc
  • Also can be applied on canvas
  • Cannot be applied on synthetic or starched fabrics
  • Can be applied making points, traces or drawings


  • Can be used to make adhesives, fixing them on smooth surfaces as glass, plastic, acrylic, etc.