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Americana Decor Metallics 8oz



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Americana Decor Metallics 8oz


Americana Decor Metallics is a top selling fan favorite for a reason. Available in 20 super shine colors in an easy-to-use 8 oz, wide-mouth jar. You simply won’t get the same durable, long lasting shine from any other metallic paint.

This finely pigmented formula cures to a hard finish and is formulated to adhere to a multitude of surfaces. Use this metallic paint to upcycle furniture, DIY projects, fluid art and so much more!

Try the best selling color, 24K Gold. It’s the closest you can get to real gold!

See below for more Product and Usage information

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  • Water-based acrylic paint.
  • Not outdoor approved
  • Finish: Metallic.
  • Not bakeable for a dishwasher-safe finish.
  • One jar provides two-coat coverage on approximately 12 square feet.


  • Canvas
  • Wood
  • MDF board
  • Paper
  • Terra cotta
  • Most plastics
  • Styrofoam
  • Walls
  • Glazed ceramics


Shake well. Apply using a soft brush or roller. On a smooth/sealed surface apply a basecoat or primer or sand lightly for better coverage. Apply coats as needed to achieve metallic finishes ranging from semi-transparent to solid. Allow to dry to touch before adding another coat.