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MTN PRO White Grease 400ml


Multi-purpose grease with lubricating and antioxidant properties, suitable for all workshop jobs when a thorough and permanent lubrication is required. When applied in liquid, aerosol form, it effectively penetrates the insides of mechanical parts, lubricating them thoroughly and ensuring their perfect lubrication.

Reduces wear thanks to the P.T.F.E. (Teflon) and increases longevity of all treated parts as well as the efficiency and performance of transmission systems. It is very adherente, even on vertical surfaces due to its consistency which gives it its high concentration.

  • Ideal For Metal-To-Metal Applications That Require Heavy-Duty Lubrication And Protection Against Rust And Corrosion
  • Sprays On Evenly As A Liquid And Sets Dry For A Thick, Protective Coating That Won’T Run Off.
  • Sprays On Easily With A Thick, Protective Coating For Auto Hinges, Gears, Sprockets, Latches, Door Tracks, Pulleys, Cables, And More
  • Excellent For Lubricating Equipment Before Placing In Storage, And Is 50-State Voc Compliant


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