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Multi-Purpose sealer


Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer is designed to adhere to all surfaces and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This sealer is formulated to seal raw wood or other slick surfaces prior to painting to improve paint adhesion. It’s superior adhesiveness, smoothness, and durability allow it to be used on virtually any hard, paintable surface.

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  • Dries clear.
  • Slightly gloss finish.
  • Finish may differ depending on the surface but will not affect the adhesion of the paint.


  • Thin with water for more absorbent surfaces.
  • For slick metal surfaces, clean and scuff to a rough finish before applying.
  • For glazed ceramics or glass, apply one coat to the surface before painting or mix equal parts paint and sealer.
  • Speed up base-coating by mixing equal amounts (1:1) of paint and Multi-Purpose Sealer and apply to the project’s surface.
  • For outdoor surfaces, mix it into the paint so no varnishing is necessary.