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Royal & Langnickel Graphite Paper

Easily transfer images to artwork or craft projects with our Graphite Paper. This high quality paper won’t leave behind a messy residue. Graphite Paper is ideal for use with nearly any surface: fabric, leather, plastic, wood, glass, china or metal. Use Grey Graphite Paper on lighter surfaces.

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For almost any surface, Royal graphite paper, use to transfer patterns on to wood, metal, paper, Glass, ceramics, etc…

Use white sheet for dark surfaces and grey for light coloured surfaces


Step 1: Make or choose a pattern to copy. Use transparent tracing paper and a pencil to trace over the design from a book or image/ picture

Step 2: Transfer the design. Position the pattern on top of the surface of the design or canvas. Place the graphite between the pattern and paper. Use a stylus to trace over the pattern lines

Step 3: Erase unwanted lines. Use a kneadable eraser to remove excess lines and smudges. This type of eraser actually picks up the graphite instead of smearing it around