MTN Cleaning Gel 100ml


The ultimate paint removing soap, that is especially effective for paint stains.

This Gel is specially designed to dissolve the paint on your hands without damaging your skin’s perfect condition. MTN Gel comes packaged in a pocket-sized format, making it readily available at any time. In addition, its pleasant citrus smell makes it even more pleasant to use. Just apply the lotion to your skin and rub thoroughly, then rinse with water.

The gel contains skin cream that moisturises your skin.

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MTN Gel is a high performance hand cleanser, specially formulated to remove the most difficult stains such as polyurethane paint, primers, resins and adhesives. This product does not contain solvents or aggressive components such as hydrocarbons, so it is exempt from ADR regulations.
It also contains skin conditioners, such as lanolin and glycerin among others, as well as plumite, which increases its cleansing potential. MTN Gel can be used without risking irritation, allowing for immediate cleansing. This product is formulated with select components, making it a top quality skin cream with a high emulsifying capacity that effectively cleans hands.We recommend that you pay special attention to the difficult areas, such as the lateral nail foldsMTN Gel is packaged in a pocket-sized format and is excellent for storing anywhere and accessing at any time.


  • Water-based technology
  • Viscous greyish lotion
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Does not contain solvents


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Dimensions 11 × 4.5 cm

– Dispense a sufficient amount of Gel onto dry hands

– Rub hands with the cleanser until the stain has dissolved

– Rinse with plenty of clean water

– If any stains remain, repeat the procedure