MTN XXXL Maximo Spray Can – 750ml

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MTN XXXL Maximo Spray Can is a large capacity spray paint available at a HUGE 750ml size. Maximo spray paint cans are designed to not only cover a large area but to cover it fast. Available in a basic color range of white and black. The perfect option for the active graffiti artist, street artist or DIY’er with a big project on their hands.

To obtain a striking finish, apply a coat of MTN PRO Primer first, and finish it off with a varnish coat of MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish. This is recommended for greater permanence and resistance to wear.

Change the way you spray with MTN’s Specialty Caps. Our caps offered by MTN are interchangeable with MTN 94 cans.

See below for more Product and Usage information 


With a capacity of 750 ml, this is the ideal product for painting large surfaces quickly and conveniently, with coverage of 4 m2. High quality, quick dry alkyd gloss enamel for a perfect finish with very good colour retention and weather resistance.


  • Cap System Fat Pink Cap
  • High pressure
  • Very fast drying
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Easy to apply and repaint
  • Good hardening
  • Does not contain lead nor other heavy metals
  • High covering power
  • Very good resistance to the sun and rain
  • Retains its glossiness and color
  • Very good resistance to UV light
  • Strong resistance to scratching once the film is polymerized.


  • Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer
  • Apply to clean, dry surfaces. On rusty metallic surfaces remove rust with a wire brush and prepare an anti-rust primer if considered necessary. Apply an anchor layer on plastics and polyesters
  • For best results apply in thin layers. Three thin layers are always better than one thick one, and may be repainted within fifteen minutes with the same paint
  • Turn the aerosol upside down to clean out the valve after use. If the nozzle becomes blocked replace it with a new one
  • Never apply to equipment that is plugged in and use in well ventilated areas


Owing to the product’s characteristics, the recommended use is for retouches and painting on all types of materials, whether for domestic uses, crafts, fine arts, or ultimately for anything which requires the properties found in a high-quality spray paint. – Graffiti – Decoration – Fine arts – Retouches for metallic components. – DIY – Plastics