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Sharpie Permanent Markers – Twin Tip x8 Colours


With two tips in one, Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers let you express yourself any way you want. Made to write practically everywhere, vivid Sharpie markers eliminate dull and boring.

  • Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, Cloth and most other surfaces
  • Intensely brilliant colours create eye-popping, vibrant impressions
  • Switch between definite marks and clear-cutting details with a simple flip
  • Increased functionality with both fine and ultra-fine tips in one marker
  • Remarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists both fading and water
  • Endlessly versatile twin tip is perfect for countless uses in the classroom, office, home, and beyond
  • Comes in two Markers Sizes: Twin Tip and Super Twin Tip!

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Through thin and thinner: Discover the dual expressions only Sharpie permanent markers with twin tip can give you. Designed to meet the needs of artists as well as professionals and students, they feature a fine point for bold lines and slightly larger areas and an ultra-fine one for extra precise strokes and crisp details. Ink is quick-drying and its waterproof formula stays put for long. Intensely brilliant colours create eye-popping, vibrant impressions